Saturday, 4 February 2012

Introducing... The Janet Collection

As a professional appreciative of fashion, it can sometimes get daunting to obtain work wear that is stylish and different but at the same time maintains the intended level of professionalism. I really have a hard time picking work wear that speaks distinctly of my style and is conducive for my environment.

For my very first local talent feature, I would like to introduce the graceful Janet Collection by talented designer Wambui Mukenyi. I discovered her work regrettably late last year but have not stopped ogling at how different her work is. From tribal print khanga, to kitenge, there is no limitation to what her talent can design.

For this collection, Wambui addresses the working class woman looking to be different in her dressing, as well as to all the women who appreciate lady like dressing whether in formal or informal settings. This particular collection was a collaborated effort with Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua, and offers stylish wear that is impeccably professional, timeless and effortlessly chic. The colours within the collection are subtle and adaptable for any work environment, a definite recommendation for those like me who seek to add colour to their work wear.


If I were to pick a favourite feature of the Janet Collection it would be in its fitting. These dresses have a simple yet elegant cut designed to fit and embrace the female curves. I am especially appreciative of how the designer highlights the waist, in a ruffle here, lapels there, to give every woman the confidence of that ideal curve.


The full range of the Janet Collection will comprise 20 different pieces and is expected to be out by end of February this year. It is definitely something to look forward to.

Meanwhile For those interested to purchase, you can contact the designer via More of Wambui Mukenyi's pieces are available on her site here.

Thank you for your readership and support. As always, I appreciate feedback through the comments section below.

Nice Weekend Everyone.

Love, S.S!!

Photo Credits to Wambui Mukenyi via her blog

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Guy Code

I have a lot of appreciation for  mens' fashion. The well done pieces are simple,structured and still provide high level elegance. Granted, I do not know much about mens' fashion but I do believe the age old statement as fact: A man is judged by his watch, his belt, and his shoes.


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Florals: Garden Couture

There is something just so utterly refreshing about floral apparel. To me they symbolize the calm blossom, fresh rejuvenation and splendor of a stroll through a perfectly kept manicured garden.

Oscar De La Renta spring 2012 show

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Haul Resolutions

Its still early in the year, the first Wednesday and thus appropriate a time to write about my new year's resolution. I think.

I tend to shop more on impulse-randomly, and guiltily on fast fashion items that excite me in the spur of the moment- than I do for classic items.For 2012, I decided to challenge myself and try exercise restrain in my  shopping. To this end I created a list of six items I really want for now, which are classic, versatile and timeless.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Indoors Jungle

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope the holidays were fun for all you dear readers and that you look forward to 2012.

As part of new years resolutions, some promise to redecorate and/or entirely redo their homes. One high fashion trend for 2011 was animal print and I think it gives a bold and edgy look for the daring few when incorporated indoors. Animal print has that jungle- free vibe and can be soothing to the eye while providing the allusion of luxury.