Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Haul Resolutions

Its still early in the year, the first Wednesday and thus appropriate a time to write about my new year's resolution. I think.

I tend to shop more on impulse-randomly, and guiltily on fast fashion items that excite me in the spur of the moment- than I do for classic items.For 2012, I decided to challenge myself and try exercise restrain in my  shopping. To this end I created a list of six items I really want for now, which are classic, versatile and timeless.

1. Stylish Tote
On a normal day I will be carrying two bags, one with personal effects and the other for my laptop. This is hectic for my commute to work as I often use public means. Its for this reason that I embarked my search for the perfect tote. For a daily look, this tote should be able to accommodate all the necessary stuff one carries in their bag, in addition to the laptop and charger, as well as an extra pair of shoes (the commute to work is usually on flats and I slip into heels once at work). The bag should be professional looking and of high quality given the anticipated wear. So far the search has been trying but with a positive prospect in the horizon.

2. Smart Casual Shorts' Suit
In my opinion, nothing says confident, elegant and sophisticated as a suit worn in a dress down setting. A shorts white suit is elegant dressed up for daytime formals as weddings, as it is at night out in town paired with sequins. Now if only I could get a decent tailor...

3. Chunky Necklace
They are a big hit with bloggers as well as on runways. Chunky necklaces are versatile in wear as they can be worn plain with tees to glam up an otherwise ordinary outfit, or to add sparkle to a starchy formal outfit if worn under the collar. I have not necessarily been keen on acquiring jewellery before but this is a new year and well, a new chance to try it out.

4. Boyfriend Watch
Already, big borrows from the boyfriends are the boyfriend jeans and jacket. for 2012 a boyfriend watch is a must have and this Michael Kors Tortoise watch is my ideal. They are so classy and stylish, not to mention functionally..huge!Barrier between me and the dream watch happens to be its 200 dollar purchase price..yikes!

5. Coloured Skirts
My office wardrobe comprises chiefly of blacks bottoms: in black skirts and trousers, with little successes of grey. This year I seek to work on introducing colour into my professional bottoms to bring back to live the office closet. In the past, I have leaned more to black because of its highly blending nature and ability to go with anything. The challenge this year is to venture out of my comfort zone, to acquire new blends.

6. Classic Wedges
Wedges are a perfect alternative to stiletto heels. They provide the sexy appeal of additional height and are versatile for both professional and casual wear without compromising on comfort. For 2012, the goal is to get a wedge shoe that can double up as an office shoe as well as casual wear. Chiefly important is the structure of the heel, which should have the wedge heel without the platform front, for an office feel. As well, the material should be professional but also easy to transition to casual wear. I think suede would be great.(?)

I will keep you updated here on the progress of my conquests, six items are attainable, right? I can only hope not to fall into temptation: so help me God.

What are some of your new year's resolutions? Feel free to share.

Have a nice week everyone,
Love, S.S!!!

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