Tuesday, 6 December 2011

In Style Travels

Traveling in style

With the holidays comes lots of travels. Holidays are basically time to take breaks from school, visit relatives in the country, or vacation at some luxe place. There is almost nothing glamorous about traveling and in fact, most people do not think twice about their items of clothing. For the majority it is all about comfort, which means p.j pants and sweatshirts- jeans and tees for those who will make an effort.

In spite of the dreadful long hours of travel,travel style can still be achieved by wearing effortlessly chic and stylish items that do not scream trying- to- hard. Still, the foundation of travel wear has to be maintained at all times- comfort.  For this piece we look at some of the chic ways to hit the roads without losing your sense of style.


My ideal choice for travel bottoms are pants since they prevent one from getting cold while on board.However, some people have no problem with skirts and shorts. For travel pants, I recommend those that are most comfortable against your skin as you're going to be in them some time. My ideal choice would be 100% cotton leggings, or jeggings made off light fabrics (I discourage travel in jeans as they are weighty and one is likely to feel drudged by journey end). Leggings/Jeggings are cosily warm while still maintaining the chic appeal in spite of their paired tops. A great substitute to leggings for travel are linen pants which are roomy and airy and still manage to add on a touch of sophistication.
I prefer roomy tops to bottoms. They are so versatile allowing for free movement . For tops, one can go with simple yet stylish tees, with embellished chic graphics and cutsy designs.An alternative are tunic tops that just are so feminine and cosy! Do not forget to add a warm but stylish jacket to layer up for warmth. Comfort first.


travel shoes
Unless your Kim Kardashian with paparazzis waiting for you at the exit terminal, I do not see much sense in wearing high heeled shoes while travelling. I recommend flat riding boots which are still edgy and glam, or kitten heeled booties if you must. Equally ideal are flat ballets but in sharp colours as neons,  orange, and red.


Accesories should be kept at bare minimums to avoid the hassle of removing them at the security checks. the best accessory for travel is a scarf. Aside from adding on to a stylish ensemble, scarves also help protect one against cooler inflight temperatures and can serve as a head rest too! other light accessories are allowed so long as they are minimum on the metals- we do not want to keep buzzing off during check ins!

Rachel Bilson's scarf glamorizes the otherwise casual outfit

Finally do not forget a refreshing perfume or body splash to refreshen you once you get to your destination. Its bad enough that you may be tired and eye bagged, you shouldn't have to smell it too.

The Kardashians airport style. Don't you love it?
What other travel tips do you recommend? I can't wait for my trip to the coast this long weekend and I hope you enjoy drama free travels too. Remember to be safe on the roads and take time to enjoy the landscapes :-)

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels,
Love.. S.S!!!

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  1. I've always been the opposite when it comes to my airport attires. Personally, I don't like to leave the house in pj's or sweats because you never know who you're going to meet, same rule applies to traveling. :)