Wednesday, 14 December 2011

'Tis the be Partying!

My Friend Rynah requested I do a post on what to wear for end of year office parties, and I have to agree with her on the relevance of the subject. With the holidays here come endless invitations to end of year office parties. For many, the end of year parties come with a strain in thought on what to wear; understandably so. This is a party with your peers from the office with whom you may often go all out, let loose, boogie atop of tables and have a jolly ol' time. It is also the party with the company boss(es) whose opinion of character you want to keep positively scaled, and who have possibly, your future growth in their hands.
For this festive season, some of my go to items for the office parties are:

#1: Dressy Jumpsuits.

Favored by a few, I find dressy jumpsuits super ideal for this particular occasion. They speak casual fun and sexy, while still maintaining one's elegance and composure. I love them for the fact that depending on the tailoring, jumpsuits are easy to adopt for various body frames.For such an occasion, I would stick to monochrome jumpsuits preferably in neutrals(grey, black, whites). Being pear shaped, I would prefer wide legged suits with an accentuated waist. The essence to a jumpsuit as a perfect item of the night lies in being able to match them with select statement accessories: such as a masterpiece necklace or bracelets accompanied by an oversize envelope clutch, with sexy platform shoes for the complete ensemble.
holiday outfit 1

#2: Cute Dresses
Lol, I felt like I should emphasis on cute. not trashy, not revealing. just... cute. More often than not, when people here of 'party' they will go out and pull out their most attention seeking outfit for wear. And while there is nothing wrong with being the center of attention, we want to get it for the right reason. Being branded company Pamela Anderson for showing too much of the front may not necessarily earn you the respect you seek. For an office party, I think a cone shape vintage dress  would be ideal as opposed to a frame hugging one. In my honest opinion, the fitting top, flaring down allows room for flexibility that is necessary for the evening engagement. They are flirtatious and graceful all at the same time. The look is also greatly reminiscent of the 70's dress code.. which is so in style this season for all of that feminist glam that made Jackie Kennedy. With this dress it is important to have it slightly above the knee, at a max. of 2" above the knee.Pair this with peep toe shoes button (or pearl) earrings, a good neck piece and its of for the mojitos!
#2 Dressy look
 #3: Leather Skirt
No, not referring to the cow boys, short short leather skirt that is somewhat associated with weird fantasies. I am referring to a pencil mid length leather shirt. They are so elegant, and unique and would be a change off the normal office skirt. Pair these with ultra feminine camisoles, in lace or silk fabrics. Leather skirts are so versatile and can be dressed up with stilettos or down with a pair of boots. As usual a good set of accessorize and you are good to go!
Holiday outfit #3

With all the dress up, do not forget to wear some fun!

Please share some of your holiday parties suggestions here in the comments section. I will really appreciate it.
Happy Holidays!!!

Love, S.S!!!


  1. Love the post! The jumpsuit idea is very appealing, think I will go with that. Or a cute dress;-) Some more no-nos wld include sheer fabric and backless dresses.

  2. Thanks Rynah for dropping by.. and LoL, at the backless dress!

    Take lots of pics and share your outfit<3

  3. Cute outfits I'm loving the dressy jumpsuit :)