Friday, 2 December 2011

Oversize Knits

Hello! its been a while since I last wrote here...but I'm back :-D

First let me say, Hello December! the 'tis the season to be jolly! despite the wet weather in my city (and its evil sister traffic) the holiday spirit is alive!

One of the December staple wears is knit sweaters and knits, ideally because the festivities happen in winter in the north.Well, given the wet gloomy condition of the tropics, knits are ideal to stay comfy, warm, and fuzzy, while maintaining high street chic.

New York Fall 2011 Fashion- image courtesy of

Knits are generally bulky, and when oversized may be overwhelming the wearer. it is important to contrast the weight by wearing fitting bottoms to achieve balance.

Christina Aguilera looking chic in oversize knitwear and leggings.

In cold weather, long oversize knits made of natural fiber are best. I particularly love those from soft wool, and cashmere (if you are lucky) especially of bright tones, as a sort of rebellion against the day gloom. Match them up with contrasting bottoms and a scarf accessory and you are good to go!

Print oversize knits add on elegance in the already fabulous outwear, and they are a perfect finish as a layered waterfall, in an otherwise ordinary outfit.

I always drool over Khloe Kardashian's collection of chunky knits

And in the event the weather turns up, crotchet knits are the way to go this December. They allow the body to breath and are a sexy piece over a tank in the heat. in the anticipated heat up of December i shall definitely be reaching out for these.

How to wear the crotchet top in the heat

Have a cosy weekend everyone!!

Love S.S!!

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