Friday, 11 November 2011

Here's to the Weekend

Its Friday! HOORAY!!

If you are like me who wakes up before dawn through the week to go to work/school, Friday is always a day welcome. Weekends are a chance to rejuvenate catch up up on some sleep ;), perhaps meet up with friends for some chat and sips, laze with someone special, the list is endless.

After a week of wearing formal outfits, i try to do casual ensembles for the weekend. here are some of my weekend looks:

Outfit #1: The Smart Casual Look
This is my dress down Friday look to the office. I feel like it is a neat transitioning look into the weekend and is appropriate for a drink up with friends after work or a simple catch up session in the bar. I tend to dress up in a cute blouse and skinny's. The blouse makes the outfit more of feminine while retaining the formals of Friday. Add on booties to complete the serious yet ready to hit the club look.

Outfit #2: Sassy Girl Out in Town
This look is my Saturday look. it is comfortable while still retaining femininity through the soft material and floral print. Paired with leggings and coloured flats for for a casual and relaxed look yet very girly, it is the ideal for shopping, lunch with girlfriends, cozy lunch date with Mr. Man among others. I have recently taken to Scarves as the main outfit accessories. A scarf is the ultimate feminine piece in an outfit and with those you seldom go wrong.

Outfit #3: Tomboy
For days when you simply refuse to dress up, the boyfriend jeans with a fitting knit top are best. This look is for those errand Saturdays when you may not afford to keep it together. Works well for catching the Saturday games too! the scarves and pretty flats again, help you retain a touch of the girly side in the man ensemble.

Have a Great Weekend!! 


  1. love love love- u inspired me to start my own:) keep on doing this its good:)

  2. Love it so far, looking forward to many more great reads!!

  3. this is bold enuf and am impressed so far kip up the good work...Carol..

  4. Very nice...I love. Kip up the gd wrk.Sly.

  5. Look # 2.* I WANT* Wini