Friday, 18 November 2011

Its all about The Blouse

A quintessence of all things female, the blouse is the ultimate go to item in one's closet for when you wish to be all femme and womanly. It is a versatile piece that can be worn across different occasions  to present different moods and expressions: From the formal setting of the workplace, a lounge or bar, dinner, shopping, exhibition and gallery viewing, a blouse is simply a must have for every girl's closet.
Recently, I have come to appreciate the blouse in my closet and I am keen on stacking up on these simple yet chic item of wear. I wasn't always a girly- girl and I think my sub conscious is compensating for lost 'girl-time' :o. Currently, I am into the ruffle top and neck tie blouses for the office, they are so elegant and come off sophisticated!

Lanvin blouse

Blouses' versatility make them ideal for possible daily wear. They go with just about everything and can be worn everywhere! I think they are an elegant substitute to the t-shirt.

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As you can see the wear of a blouse is only limited to one's imagination!

Queen Bee- The Blouse Icon.

  Item i wish i was wearing..the puffed up(also known as Bishop sleeved) blouse! The pairings to this are endless.

As you go about your weekend activities, do not be shy to don on some blouse. You never know who is watching;)

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  1. Hi! Nice blog. I really Iike the deep purple/plum blouse - where is it from?