Friday, 11 November 2011

Small Space Interior Design

I wish to dedicate this to my friend Lenny.

Living in Nairobi today you are forced to do with confined space as apartments continue to shrink in size with population increase. The challenge thus becomes how to keep a neat small space free of clutter, without compromising on necessity, comfort, and style.

In scaping the interior design of the house, the following are items i believe to be of utmost consideration:

The cheapest and most important item of decor, lighting can be used to give the illusion of expanse and space, even when minimal. for small spaces, avoid painting walls with bold and dark colours. Instead, go for white and pale hues of bolder colours such as camel/beige, soft orange, pink, lilac, pale grey... They are reflective of natural light. of course, in small spaces, windows are your best friend.

Mirrors help in reflecting and bouncing back light and are ideal too for small hallways.

Keep it Clear

Nothing ruins small space decorum than a collection of stuff! no matter how aesthetically appealing they are, if put in one small area, they give an impression of disorganization. small spaces work best when bare. furnishing should be reduced to the most necessary of items, strategically placed.

Identify a Colour Scheme: Stick to It

Along with the hoarding of clutter, a mix of colours, prints and patterns within a small area also comes off as a disorganized mess. However, I agree that in small doses, a mixture of textures and colours would be a great contrast to otherwise plain furniture. Think leopard print against a neutral contrast, or bold colors, beaded soft throw pillows, the list is endless!

In my opinion, small spaces for housing give the impression of warmth, tender loving, and coziness. They are ideal for one or two people in a house hold. there is no limit to the creativity that can go  into decorating small housing, just remember to keep it simplistic and neat.

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Love S.S!!

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  1. Niice. Curtains?? Plan on getting new curtains ths Dec. any recommendation? Mimi

  2. Hey Mimi,

    I would recommend curtains that complement rather than contrast your colour scheme...often, bright hues in whites, caramel, ash white, yellow, lilac often do well to magnify the lighting. They are also easy to pair up with other colours for the rest of the room.

    I hope I helped, thank you for stopping by