Friday, 11 November 2011

My Cravings Basket

This section contains the items of wear I am currently ogling over.

Dorothy Perkins pants

The flare is BACK! And oh, how I cannot wait to get me some of these. I first spotted the trends come back early in April during the Tory Burch summer (I think)collection of 2011. These pants give off an air of elegance and sophistication that few apparel match.

Different flare pants trends. I am in love with the item on pic number #1

They also help to add a silhouette of height to the wearer.

Kim Kardashian here looks taller as the high waist lengthens her frame.

I dream of owning some in orange (Tory's inspiration) white,black and beige!!! If only I could get a good professional tailor (sigh!).

How I'd Style it

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Love xxx S.S!!


  1. Gud stuff!n do u remember u helped me pick my 1st flare pants a few mnths back?...:)Ooh!u shld see me today,ur project is coming along great...:)Sly!

  2. You do me proud. Thanks for stopping by.